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Order of the Dragon Shield

February 22, 9 PM EST

Teaching the Historian

Host:Court Historian Sir Erieck


The best kind of friendships are friendships that become family where you aggressively believe in each other, defend each other , and think the other deserves  the world.   

Order of the Dragon Shield

Many Swords - One Shield

Events Scheduled for


Details of all Events will be provided on the ODS Happenings Calendar as well as a link for the Dragonrealms Events Calendar

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January 03

ODS Hosts Riverhaven Town Hall 10:00 PM EST:

HOST: Kenamer & Rekon

January 11

ODS Puzzle Night 10:00PM EST

HOSTS: Mystylaine & Rekon

January 18

ODS Bar Brawl 10:00PM EST

HOST: Rekon & Mystylaine

January 19

ODS  "Jousting for Fun & Prizes" 10:00 PM EST

HOSTS: Kenamer & Rekon

January 25

ODS Spin A Tale  10:00PM EST

HOST:  Penny & Mystylaine

January 31

ODS Holy Pilgrimage of Therengia 10:00 PM EST:

HOST: Kenamer & Rekon